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History of (Elephant ) Art - Pt 2- The Art of..No Art

....Having seen the mini-me art obsessive morph from enthusiastic drawing machine ...into confused art student, we rejoin her in 1991.

 I had struggled with leaving college, and finding enough work to live off...and the limitations of working from some pretty uninspiring art directors.  My bread and butter work was trade magazines- nursing times, Business Weekly etc, but I did get some more interesting work from Radio Times, The Observer and The Times, as well as a couple of book covers.

After the self indulgence of college ( where we typically had a week to complete a piece of work), I was now in the world of commerce, where a phone call often arrived at midday commissioning a piece that would need to be completed by the following day. I was given some pretty crappy ideas ( the nursing 'Birth of Adam is below), but a particular low point was being commissioned to do  an illustration about the spread of Aids The art director instructed me to 'make it fun.' and draw comedy ho…

History of (Elephant ) Art - Pt 1 The Art of Growing Up

I am feeling somewhat red in the face...and it's not a hot flush ( for a change). This blog is subtitled as being about 'Art, Life and ME'  and you have heard me wittering about my medical ailments, I have introduced ME as the Diva in my life, chucking plates because the M&M's are not the colour she ordered. I have talked about life with disability: it's adaptions to this 'new normal'...and the things that help me to find peace and joy.

I am embarrassed to say that I have neglected to write much about the nuts and bolts of  me as an here goes...a whistle-stop tour to give you a flavour of the history and evolution of my art from pint-sized pachyderm to ...the (slightly) more wrinkled and definitely happier heffalump of today.  

So let's start with the tiny me, chubby crayon in chubby fist tongue slipping out in concentration. I cannot remember a time when I didn't draw. There was always a huge pile of scrap paper I wou…

The Twilight Zone

Some of you may be aware that for the first time a full length film has been made about the experience of living with ME, and how society and the medical profession see those patients with ME. I have not yet seen the full film, but the three times I have watched the trailer, I have had tears streaming down my face. It is heart-rending to see film of her before the illness- she is running around on home movie footage, scuba diving, and on her wedding day....then her words: ' I thought I would have longer..'

I have never seen 'my' story on a film before. It upset me more than I can say to see ME from the outside looking in. I thought I would have longer too...

The Jen Brea documentary 'Unrest' will be released in the UK in the Autumn. It has already been heaped with awards in a variety of film festivals in different countries. Jen was a Ph.d student at Harvard University when she became suddenly ill with a high fever and became bedridden. She was initially diagnose…