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A year ago, like Howard Carter finding the tomb of Tutankhamen, my ears and I were dazzled and amazed when a trawl through a drawer full of junk unearthed an elderly ipod Nano. Surprisingly it still worked, and after I cranked up my tiny brain, pod-things got searched for, found, and then subscribed to, and eventually downloaded and enjoyed.

I was amazed at how this sub-culture has mushroomed in the years whilst I was pod-less. There are now podcasts on every subject you can imagine, and with every style of presentation, ranging from panel discussions to stand up, celebrities discussing their taste in clothing, to the bereaved confiding their grief. There are shows about politics, astronomy, music, stand-up comedy, dramas, mental health, and chakras...and let’s not forget the Archers.
These are podcasts I really enjoy and  ( I think), will be for both men and women. Elephants as well...

So this is how my ears and I like to spend a large part of the day- sucking in all this inte…

The End of the Beginning: My 4th Disability Anniversary

There are times when writing a Blog is great...and times when life  is a barely functioning shambles, and I'd prefer not to be shuffling it into the light of public gaze.

October 28th 2017 was the latter..

 When I Blogged about having a 'Disability Anniversary'  I received some very thought provoking and reactions- for which I am grateful.

I appreciated your heartfelt feedback, and have thought afresh about the fact that for all of us the onset of getting ill is probably up there with life's shittiest experiences...and that for some this had involved life and death situations. The word celebrate can feel like a sad joke...but, as I had resolved to do it- I did it! This Blog is about my 'celebration' attempt.

You will remember that I planned to mark the 4th anniversary of when I had first begun to be DISABLED.I had treated myself to sparkly nail polish...had planned to make a ' cake'( of sorts)...and had been given a nice glossy magazine to enjoy on The Day…