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Things I wish Someone Had Told Me About When I first Got Sick.

Hello again! Still here, still sick, still blogging...and still smiling!!

I have noticed that a lot of chronic health blogs feature recommendations of products/supplements/foods that help the blogger with pain and

health.  I have ingested supplements,drunk Turmeric tea, eaten

flax, drunk lemon water, slathered my pain with creams and aloe and

stuck TENS pads to my bum…. none of it has worked more than in

the short term, and certainly not as well as good 'ole Tramadol... This

elephant, has her four feet very firmly on terra firma- if not usually resting

on a mattress.

The things that help me ( with some exceptions) tend to the practical.

This list will not take away your pain, make you thinner or help you

tolerate more exercise. These are the things that I think should be

recommended in the Rough Guide to Being Chronically Ill.

It has taken years and a lot of wasted cash to get to this

point, so I hope that some of these things prove useful for you.

I do venture into the t…