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Friends without Benefits

I have been debating on and off, whether to include this in my blog about ‘living the dream’ as I adapt to disability and illness. I have commented/documented/moaned about many aspects of life at the elephant house these days. I have described my battles with trouser waist- bands, wondered if I were living in a foreign country, and asked why spoons should mark my limitations. I have battled skirting boards and doors in an effort to get used to my walker, and shown you how pain can sometimes inspire some very raw artworks….
But there is one subject that has absorbed almost all my energy in the last 8 months, and that is my ongoing battle to receive PIP. This is the benefit that is there to provide financial help for those unable to do simple household tasks, cooking, washing, dressing, and who have limited mobility. Essentially it is the benefit that acknowledges that you are disabled...and more importantly helps people pay for the things that help them to live independently ( which I w…