Disability Anniversary??

This time 18 months ago, I was struggling to accept...( or even to refer to in speech), the 'D' word- Disability. The day my spouse asked if I thought I could be classed as Disabled, I felt a sick pit of dread opening up inside me.The road from there until here, has been an stony and uphill route. Illnesses in my mind imply a temporary state, something you will get better from, and Disability sounds a lot more permanent. 
How it all started

Not everyone with a Chronic Illness would be classed by themselves or other people, as being Disabled. In my case, the limitations that my body place on me, and my complete inability to do things that I NEED to do, have made it a no-brainer.

Accepting the situation is not so straightforward. There are times now when I feel really comfortable with asking for the help I need or with other people seeing me as disabled...and times when I really hate it. Times when I can see how much I have grown because of my disability....and times when nothing feels possible.

I heard this 20 minute mini pod some while ago, and initially found the concept they are discussing really challenging, and somewhat repellent to me.

 ' CELEBRATE' the thing that has created so much suffering and pain, and frustration?????!!!!!! You have to be kidding, I thought. 

But it planted a tiny seed in me, and last October I recognised my anniversary ( when the really bad pain kicked in)....and it felt good to do so....not brilliant...but GOOD! It was a day of personal celebration for just me, and a way to recognise the odds I am up against and how much I have done to help myself, to think of my life as a blessing, not a curse.

With my own anniversary in a couple of weeks, ( more to follow in a later Blog), I thought it was an appropriate time to bring you this idea. 

How do YOU feel about this idea?


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