year ago, like Howard Carter finding the tomb of Tutankhamen, my ears and I were dazzled and amazed when a trawl through a drawer full of junk unearthed an elderly ipod Nano. Surprisingly it still worked, and after I cranked up my tiny brain, pod-things got searched for, found, and then subscribed to, and eventually downloaded and enjoyed.

I was amazed at how this sub-culture has mushroomed in the years whilst I was pod-less. There are now podcasts on every subject you can imagine, and with every style of presentation, ranging from panel discussions to stand up, celebrities discussing their taste in clothing, to the bereaved confiding their grief. There are shows about politics, astronomy, music, stand-up comedy, dramas, mental health, and chakras...and let’s not forget the Archers.
These are podcasts I really enjoy and  ( I think), will be for both men and women. Elephants as well...

So this is how my ears and I like to spend a large part of the day- sucking in all this interesting chat and using it to crowbar my brain open for new thoughts and perspectives.

All these Podcasts are free and available from iTunes, acast, or soundcloud The BBC podcasts are available to Uk residents via the BBC iplayer, and are also available on I-tunes.
Click on the title of each podcast below to find out more.


1) Kermode and Mayo's Film Review Two middle aged guys bicker like an old married couple, and review all the latest releases. Cult listening, and won the Listeners’ Award at the Podcast Awards. An archive of several years worth is available. Swearing free and great for all ages!

2) Dr Paul Christo- Aches and gains Dr Christo interviews pain sufferers ranging from sports personalities to war vets, to cultural icons ( Maya Angelou, anyone?) about strategies for coping with physical pain. A bulging archive includes topics such as diet, use of opoids, alternative remedies, mindfulness etc. Curse free but definitely not one for kids.

3) Fresh Air: NPR The Peabody Award-winning weekday magazine of contemporary arts and issues, is one of  United States public radio's most popular programs. Hosted by Terry Gross, the show features intimate conversations with today's biggest luminaries. Lengthy intelligent and entertaining conversation with folk with a story to tell. A huge backlogue to download for free.

4) Breathworks Meditations I am a big fan of Vidyama Burch , and her wonderful book :'Living Well with Pain and Illness- The Mindful Way to Free Yourself from Suffering.' is never far from my bedside. She has spent her adult life time living with chronic pain, and has developed the Breathworks meditations during her personal journey to learning to cope with the limitations of disability ( she is in a wheelchair). These free short meditations are free to download from Soundcloud, and can provide some wonderful moments of calm, and help you to learn to live more mindfully and compassionately. As you can tell- I am a fan! Definitely no bad words!

9) BBC Ouch Podcast The BBC’s own programme about disability in podcast form only. Humourous, informative and presented and produced by those at the coal face of illness and /or disability.

10)  BBC Great Lives The concept is simple: eminent person or celebrity selects a figure from history who they feel had a ‘Great Life’. Together with an expert biographer, and Matthew Parris, they explore the life of the person in this 30 minute gem that never fails to tell you things you don't know.

Thank You for reading!  Feel free to comment on the Podcasts you enjoy the most!



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