Who is The Chronic Elephant?

ME and Chronic pain keep me bed-bound... and creating art and writing blogs keep me sane. 

I blog about how to cope when pain is bad, what it feels like to receive well meant advice ( don't do it people!), how to keep your faith when you don't get better, explorations into planet Gluten Free, and how to avoid steering your disability scooter through something the dog owner should have bagged and binned..

The images posted on here are of me reclaiming my life and living it one tiny bit at a time. You can see art works inspired by my everyday life, about coping with life in bed, and images of flowers, plants, imaginary worlds, my faith and my felt tips. 

You will also find my mumblings- writings, thoughts and blog entries, about being me and about having ME!

I have been writing blogs on ME and disability for the last year using 'the elephant' avatar and name. It started as a joke...(I am not likely to be wandering 'back to the jungle' anytime soon)....but I think the little pic of that little elephant holding a cheery flower represents me well.
I often feel like a large restless animal stuck in a small enclosure, but I hope I remain friendly to life and to people.

 This is NOT the blog for you if you want to find a lot of technical stuff about art or if you want to know if you have ME or how to treat it.

If you DO want art with heart, and insight into being disabled and chronically ill, and words that will make you think even more ...then you are in the right/write place!

Ok...so buckle up, and don't forget the bananas...it's going to be a fun ride.

info on campaigns for treatment and research  https://www.actionforme.org.uk/
the largest worldwide forum for ME sufferers and their carers:

Info on Helly :

FB: Art by Helen Harley
email for how to buy pilsdon.org.uk charity cards.
email: helenharleyart@gmail.com


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