Mini Blog: Fun with CFS ( yes, really!)

As you would imagine, I make a point of reading other people's blogs and memes about the subject of ME. Some are interesting because they are really informative, some make me feel less alone on the dark days, and some give me ideas for fashion or how to deal with greasy hair ( and other tragedies). Some are written by other creative people. and some by people who make me smile. Some are just to depressing to engage with: I am able to get my misery first hand if I so wish :-)

Yesterday I was checking in with Phoenix Rising ( the forum for ME/CFS ), when my attention was drawn to this video below. It made my jaw drop. Not just because it was frighteningly accurate, but because it was audaciously funny! It was taking a grim subject ( Doctors being ill informed/unsupportive/neglegent of the care of ME patients), but did it in a way that hammered the point home with chuckles.

Her channel on Youtube is Fun with CFS..and she is witty, sassy and deserves to be listened to...and not just by those of us under the cosh of this illness, but also by those who 'think ' they understand ME... but plainly don't. 

The second video is a dummies guide to CFS/ME  for the friend/partner/ teacher/child  of person with CFS/ME.  Yes, we DO want to get better; no we don't just need to do yoga/get out more/ ingest some possibly toxic ingredients or have our auras divested of juju. 

So thank you funny lady and keep making the vids!



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