Things I wish Someone Had Told Me About When I first Got Sick.

Hello again! Still here, still sick, still blogging...and still smiling!!

I have noticed that a lot of chronic health blogs feature recommendations of products/supplements/foods that help the blogger with pain and

health.  I have ingested supplements,drunk Turmeric tea, eaten

flax, drunk lemon water, slathered my pain with creams and aloe and

stuck TENS pads to my bum…. none of it has worked more than in

the short term, and certainly not as well as good 'ole Tramadol... This

elephant, has her four feet very firmly on terra firma- if not usually resting

on a mattress.

The things that help me ( with some exceptions) tend to the practical.

This list will not take away your pain, make you thinner or help you

tolerate more exercise. These are the things that I think should be

recommended in the Rough Guide to Being Chronically Ill.

It has taken years and a lot of wasted cash to get to this

point, so I hope that some of these things prove useful for you.

I do venture into the territory of 'the thing that dare not speak its

name'  (a portable urinal.) If you are likely to be offended at the thought,

please stop reading.

Here are 16 things that have improved the quality of my life...though sadly not the quantity of my


1) Medications box.

A whole month of  colour- coded and dated

medications and supplements. Fill up once or twice a month. You can tell

at a glance when your meds need to be reordered, and if you are going

away you can grab a few days only. I only wish I had got one sooner.

2) Ebay-

Everything I used to buy from Amazon I now buy from Ebay

without paying ludicrous postal charges. Also brilliant for clothes and

bulk buying psillium and herbal teas, essential oils.

3) My Scooter

Me, my scooter, my sunblock ( on face and hands), my sunnies, my stick, and my cross-body bag ( on lap)

4) My Diary- Family Life Book

"Dear Diary, you have organized my brain- fogged life. All my finances, Christmas lists, monthly

plans, appointments and notes-all in one book. Also free stickers to remind me of birthdays, holidays,

appointments etc. Also space for Hubby's schedule and appointments too! There is space for 4 

people's schedule- the whole family.

5) Burt Bees lip balm-

natural product that doesn’t cost a fortune and

really works.

6) Overglasses

Sunglasses for specs wearers... for a pittance.

If you are light intolerant, then the rest of the family don’t need to stumble

around in a dark house when you are wearing these sunnies.

7) Avene Sunblock Factor 50

It makes you look a tad pale, but, as a person with super sensitive

eczema prone skin (that reacts violently to sunlight)- it works!

8)Trolley Table

Now my books, diary, and PC have somewhere to reside, and I can eat

in bed without becoming a hunchback, or tipping peas into my lap.

7) Unisex Portable pee Bottle

Problems dragging your pain to the bathroom in time?

Unable to cop- a -squat without falling to the floor? No problem! Folds

up as small as a drinks can (when empty). Also great for camping.

8) Cross body bag

No more bag- sliding- off- the- shoulder- and- into-the-gutter moments for me!

9) Fold-able stick

10) MP3/ipod- 

probably most of you have more up to date technology

than me, but this is brilliant for having hours of audio books, radio and

music, without having to switch on the PC. And podcasts ….and guided meditations.

11) Alcohol Free Rescue Remedy

I've had quite a problem sourcing this. Most Bach Flower remedies are

mixed in Brandy ( which I can't tolerate), or grape juice ( ditto). This

company make them using Agave Syrup as a base.Be it a panic attack or a meeting with the benefits 

agency, this has proved to be a fantastic way to keep calm.

12) Medical alert wristband

with up-dateable info so if I do keel over from POTS

all my info on medication, my conditions and next of kin contacts are here ( and I don't need to get a 

new bracelet engraved when my prescription changes). Waterproof and fully adjustable.

13) Wedge pillow

Brilliant for using to sit up in bed or for wedging under my knees when I

am lying down ( taking the pressure off the lower back).

14) Electronic Heat Pad.

One of these was given to me by our neighbours when I appeared at their door

with a ‘leaky-hottie-emergency.’ Steady heat in a flexible pad that

soothes pain...without the need to boil the kettle.

15) Pillow Raiser= GENIUS!

This is similar to the one I have, but mine is on permanent loan from the

Occupational Therapy service ( they are insanely expensive).You can buy the manual version much

If you are disabled and think this type of service might

benefit you, you should ask your GP for a referral to the OT service

And last, but definitely not least......

16) Laughter.



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