The Uk is experiencing weather so hot, that one tabloid paper is claiming it to be the hottest temperatures for 400 years! It is certainly the hottest since 1976, when my 8 year old self donned a sunhat and endured a broiling ferry journey to the Isle of Wight.

...And, where am I, you may ask? Well, I am largely glued to a sweating bed, and very much under house-arrest in a steaming hot flat. Having spent all Winter rejoicing at the approach of milder temperatures, I feel like a 5-year old, who having heard the jangle of the  ice- cream van approaching, is told : 'No ice cream for you, Missy!'

My night attire is SLIGHTLY different from the above (!)

We are two frustrated elephants. Having had to return early from a couple of days break, holiday plans are very much on hold.Managing chronic health requires nerves of steel and the ability to 'keep on keeping on', when it feels much easier to tantrum like a toddler and lay face down on the carpet.

With my energies absorbed by medical appointments, I have felt fortunate to have dragged my rollator to the front path a couple of times...(and fortunate to have trees and plants, and passing cats to look at). You may be reading this in a similar position yourself, or if you live in the antipodes, you may be ploughing your way through Winter. Or you may be on holiday lying in a quiet, dark room hearing the sounds of other people enjoying themselves outside. In any of these situations tell yourself you are doing your best...and award yourself some treats immediately!!

So why Grace Kelly...?

There are better actresses than Grace Kelly, but no one could outdo her for looking cool and unruffled no matter the situation. She was the epitome of ladylike chic whether tying on a Hermes scarf in the front seat of a convertible, or answering the door to a murderous assailant, she always looked amazing. You cannot imagine her with soup down her blouse or her collar tucked in like yours truly.

STOP PRESS NEWS: With help, at last I have a variety of clothes that fit comfortably, don't make me sweat profusely, and are loose on all areas likely to be painful. Everything pretty much goes with everything else in colour terms. But, it is another loss to be processed- I know that I am no longer, the person who wore my old clothes, the clothes that fitted, the clothes I liked so much.  
Yup- I am vainer than I like to think...
My other revelation has been buying coat hooks that hang over the door, and mean that I can see most of my seasonal clothes at a glance. Genius!

 I have always had the tendency to be somewhat clumsy ( I AM an elephant after all !), and notorious for having shaking hands at times, (and the inability to judge the distance between two points).  Add in the medication I am on, and you will understand whilst I sometimes walk into door frames....and why my clothes usually get toothpaste/tea/food down them within about 20 minutes.

So, I am far off Kelly -style chic, but at least I now have trousers that I am able to wear AND I can find them!


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