Maternity Leave...And What The Donkeys Taught Me.

The Chronic Elephant  rests due to POTS, on the business- end of a lot of mud.

 I have recently returned from a couple of nights away with Mr Elephant. This was a much needed break, as my room has come to feel like a comfortable jail in recent months. With several Chronic conditions dictating the outcome, it can feel like shovelling coins into a broken slot machine, to attempt to book anything...but we did it!

There are a cocktail of emotions in planning any trip: excitement and anticipation...mixed in with fear, and worry. There is the planning what to take (the haul of snacks, wipes, creams, medications, and 'just-in-case' assorted doobreys, would put a mother of quads to shame.)

Ok...where was I?! The highlight of our trip was going to the donkey sanctuary As previously mentioned there is little point in making plans, but this was a bucket-list, moment, and I have spent the last 6 years feeling I would never be able to go.

'Donkey day' arrived, and I gently got myself into the passenger seat. I gritted my teeth until we arrived, with the dawning realisation that this was not the best of ideas. POTS decided to join the party,( meaning that I would have to keep lying down for a bit, all day.) 

I spent the first 45 minutes in the car park stretched across the front seats glugging electrolyte, with the sinking feeling that comes from knowing that you are on maximum pain medication and it's not working! I could hear braying in the distance- I was NOT going to be defeated!

There are times it is possible to push beyond the limits of the body, by sheer bloody-mindedness, and luckily this was one of them… We had hoped to buy lunch, but it was the school holidays ( DOH!), so until the queues at the café cleared, I had nothing but crisps to get me 'back on my that mount' and heading in the direction of hundreds of donkeys!!!!

Look- I made it!!!

SO...what did I learn from these sweet natured animals?Many of them are recovering from ill-treatment or neglect...and yet, they are very healing animals to spend time with. Their wounds are healing in this safe environment, and we found it healing to be with them. It is a reminder to stay believe in the power of living kindly and helping others. 

I also learned.... that when it comes to taking your chronic illnesses  outside the home, you cannot over- prepare ( even if a couple of hours out of the house means packing a weekend bag). Note to self: BRING LUNCH NEXT TIME!!
Hope I look good in this photo!

No matter your limitations, I hope you too have the chance to collect some lovely memories this Summer.


Re the title of this Blog: regular readers will be familiar with my ongoing battles with finding pain- friendly clothes. The big news is that I have reluctantly bought maternity trousers...and they are brilliant. Much of my pain resides in the stretchy part that expands for the bump- so... RESULT!


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